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In August, we introduced you to Barb Fritz, Manager of Customer Care, along with the power team responsible for Unprocessed, Starter, and FLEX accounts.  Next up, we introduce you to the “tremendous trio” of McNaughton Subscription Service Associates.  If you have questions or concerns regarding your McNaughton and Purchase Plus accounts, give them a call!


Audra first worked at Brodart on Memorial Avenue way back when she was in high school, as a  CSR for Supplies. Her dad was a furniture finisher who worked for Brodart for 25 years. Fast forward to 2007, when she came back to work as a cataloger. Although no longer a cataloger, she's been here ever since! Audra is a diehard fan of the New York Yankees and New York Giants — so much so that she's pretty sure she really does bleed blue.

In another life, Audra was in a nationally televised commercial for HIV awareness, in which she had to decide between taking a lipstick or a condom that could fit in her tiny purse before going out for the evening.  She really wanted that lipstick, but…

She is a party planner at heart and loves baking. She's always wanted to own her own bakery. In fact, her friends call her the Puerto Rican Betty Crocker.

Audra and her husband Brandon have been together since high school and have been married for 15 years.  She couldn’t decide if she liked him enough to marry him (LOL). Her proudest achievements are her “babies” who are now 20 (Brandon Jr) and 34 (Idonia). Her son is in the Army and after spending a year in South Korea has now been stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. Her daughter is the Operations Location manager for Coast Global in New Jersey.


Robert started his Brodart career in Cataloging, at the suggestion of his wife, Robyn. He transferred to McNaughton Customer Care in August of 2016. Why the switch? He felt that McNaughton Customer Care better suited his employment background, which included a 28-year stint in customer service and sales with RadioShack.

Every Friday he reads to the Customer Care department. This custom began when Kelly McClure came across a children's book that she thought would be funny to read aloud to everyone. She was kind enough to volunteer Robert, and that one event quickly turned into an ongoing tradition, which continues to this day.

Robert has been married for 39 years to Robyn Heil, Brodart's adult book and DVD buyer (It’s a family affair).

In his spare time, he likes to read, and usually juggles two or three books at any given time. He also enjoys woodworking. His latest project was overseeing a major remodeling of the exterior of his house. Oh, the joy of dealing with contractors!

He is an avowed lover of pets — golden retrievers in particular. His current golden, Jethro, has now taken over the house thinking he is just another Human. He even has his own recliner.

Robert is the self-appointed "class clown" of the McNaughton department. His motto is: if you aren’t laughing, then you aren’t living. His current “passion” is dad jokes:

I used to be addicted to the hokey pokey — But then I turned myself around.

Kelly Clark

Kelly joined Brodart December 1, 2020. Her customer service skills, analytical background, and “learner by nature” demeanor have all proven to be a good fit for the McNaughton Customer Care Team.

Kelly is a proud daughter and sister to two Naval Academy Graduates (Dad, Hal Spooner:  class of ’61 and brother, Scott Spooner: class of ’84) — GO NAVY! She believes this instilled her love of the ocean. It is hard to keep her out of the waves, even when the red flags are flying! She is also a proud graduate of Wake Forest University — GO DEACS!

Kelly is an avid reader, across all genres. Music is a must, even when reading. Due to her love of cooking, you can often find her puttering and creating in the kitchen. Kelly has an extensive collection of cookbooks that could fill a small library. To date, Kelly has lived in 31 different places. She pulls from these experiences to support her creativity with her paintings (Pointillism technique).

Kelly’s better half is her son, Robbie (27), who works and resides in the Dallas, Texas area.

Be sure to check Connect in December to meet the Compleat Book Services Customer Care team!