OCLC's Top 100 Novels

Librarians love lists, and here is a fun one, with titles for all ages. OCLC has identified The Library 100 Top Novels of All Time. According to OCLC, literary greatness can be measured by how many libraries own a copy of a novel. Here’s how they describe the list:

"... libraries offer access to trendy and popular books. But, they don’t keep them on the shelf if they’re not repeatedly requested by their communities over the years. We’ve identified 100 timeless, top novels—those found in thousands of libraries around the world—using WorldCat, the world’s largest database of library materials."

In the FAQ for this list, they explain how they ranked the novels, how they decided what counts as a novel, and reasons for the lack of diversity in the list.

To make it easier for our customers to research and purchase these titles, we have compiled them HERE in both English and Spanish. Aren’t you dying to know what is #1? Take a look and browse away! Chances are you already have many of them, but maybe it’s time to consider adding to your selection of classics — or pick up some additional copies!