Connect - A Year in Review

Throughout the year, we’re proud to highlight the key resources that help make libraries great, along with special anniversaries and collection development strategies. Our librarians carefully consider each story we bring you. We use our library expertise to offer the stories, topics, and guidance that help librarians better maximize their resources and make a difference in their community. Here’s a look at some of the ground we covered in 2019.


Brodart celebrated 80 years of superior service and a strong commitment to libraries. It was 1939 when our founder, Arthur Brody, invented the book jacket cover that revolutionized the industry.

July marked the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11moon landing, so we celebrated by taking a look back at the historic event, highlighting resources like the Miller documentary and NASA’s One Giant Leap for Mankind portal. “Apollo 11: One Small Step for Man”

The iconic music extravaganza known as Woodstock also turned 50. We shared a few of the library programs honoring the event and curated a list of relevant titles to mark the occasion. “Woodstock Revisited”

Connect also took part in “sweeping the clouds away” as Sesame Street celebrated 50 years of charming educational fun. We examined how the show reflected the culture into which it was born and explored libraries’ history with Sesame Street. “Celebrating Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary”

Hot Topics & Current Events

Connect tackled the issue of guns and the library, offering a look at how libraries are responding, as well as a list of relevant titles. “Guns: As American as Apple Pie”

We took a closer look at what libraries are doing to meet the growing challenge of the opioid crisis. “A National Crisis: How Libraries are Tackling the Opioid Challenge”

In “A Breath of Fresh Air,” we outlined how to help patrons prepare for a trip to the great outdoors, with a few lists of titles offered for good measure.

Trending in Libraries

“Large Print Books are Crucial for Striving Readers” emphasized how large print titles encourage young readers who may be struggling. These titles aren’t just for the elderly and visually impaired.

An exploration of #ownvoices provided an overview of the diversity-centered movement, pointing to additional resources to help librarians better understand its mission. “What is #ownvoices?”

Plus, we took a look at some of the STEM comics helping teachers and librarians reach young readers. Additional resources are helping educators/librarians develop STEM comics lesson plans. “STEM and Comics Team Up”

Other Celebrations

In June, we went beyond the parades to pay homage to LGBT Pride Month and some of the LGBT authors who have helped pave the way for others. “LGBT Pride Month Goes Beyond the Parades”

We shined a light on Literacy Month in September, outlining the skills and practices championed by Every Child Ready to Read. Readers were also given key information on food and health literacy. “September is Literacy Month”

In February, we looked at a few ways for librarians and readers to take part in “A Universe of Stories,” the 2019 theme for the Collaborative Summer Reading Program, complete with a list of titles to help them prepare for summer. “A Universe of Stories”

For a look at all the articles we shared in 2019, stop by the Brodart Connect Archives.