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Profile of Arthur Brody

One day in 1939, a young Columbia University student named Arthur Brody washed the emulsion off of some film, folded it around his books to protect them — and the book jacket cover was born. Mr. Brody went on to become Brodart founder, and the book jackets he invented are widely used in library settings to this day. The covers have been extending shelf life of books for 80 years and counting. It’s safe to say the library industry would not be the same without this innovative, industry-changing invention.

The success of those covers led to substantial growth over eight decades, as Brodart expanded to offer library services (like cataloging and collection development), everyday library supplies and equipment, and custom-manufactured furniture — all to help libraries serve their patrons more effectively.

Why Brodart?

Unlike other library services vendors, Brodart caters its book efforts exclusively to libraries. This allows us to dedicate all our passion to helping you, the librarian, meet your specific and unique needs. We are large enough to supply products and services essential to everyday library life, but small enough to focus exclusively on the individuality of your library.

By employing librarians, we have been able to translate what we learned into innovative solutions designed specifically for libraries. We continue to use the knowledge to transform detailed workflow processes into simple solutions.

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