Survey Results

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Congratulations to Georgeann Doan, the winner of the Starbucks Gift Card! We extend our gratitude to all who participated in our “Managing Your Print Collection” Survey.

Here are the highlights of some of the responses.

    What challenges do you face when managing your print collection?

    Staying within budget while trying to meet the continued demand for various genres of print books.

    Also, becoming aware of fiction that is not bestselling author or series fiction.

    How do you overcome these challenges?

    Try to spread the budget out equitably and avoid purchasing marginal titles while still purchasing some unique titles that other area libraries do not carry.

    Survey several resources such as Library Journal and various websites to keep up to date on new and emerging authors/titles.

Based on the information collected we found 37.5% of respondents use vendor provided Collection Development Services.

According to the 35% of libraries who informed us they lease materials, the two most popular benefits of leasing are “the ability to return materials” and “meet patron demand”.

Another interesting note: libraries that outsource Cataloging and Processing were shown to be split down the middle, as 20% of libraries who outsource make some sort of modification once the materials are received. Do the libraries handling their own Cataloging and Processing have a backlog in Technical Services? 17.5% say yes.

If your library has questions or is interested in efficient and professional ways to manage your print collection, please reach out to us using the link below.

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