Audiobound® Purchase Plus


Sought-after Fiction and Nonfiction Audiobooks in an Unabridged Format

With a focus on fulfilling the needs of modern libraries, our annual subscription service is designed to satisfy patron demand and offer a collection of popular materials.

Our purchase plan presents valuable benefits catered specifically to the priorities of librarians.

  • Ability to encumber funds
  • Prepublication selection lists posted to your FREE online account
  • Titles arrive shelf-ready
  • Free shipping
  • One year replacement policy
  • Team of experienced staff assigned to your account
Our audio lists include the best fiction and nonfiction titles in an unabridged format. The annotations cite major motion picture tie-ins as well as the number of CDs and run times. Bibz, our online ordering tool, allows you to click on the author to view previous works. This information is most useful when selecting pre-publication titles to predict popularity and patron demand.

Each plan is designated with a specific number of points which are spent by ordering titles throughout the subscription year. The number of points required per book is based upon the publisher’s list price.

Unused points automatically roll over into the next subscription year as long as you continue your Purchase Plus Subscription Service.

New Subscriber Incentives
  • 5% discount off our current posted prices for one year
  • Discount starter allowances (optional)
  • Bonus initial allowances
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