Shorten Reserve Lists

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Shorten Reserve Lists without Breaking the Bank:
Cost-Friendly Solutions for Hot New Titles

Buzz draws people to the library in droves, especially when a hot new title is coming out. With so many books releasing each month, it’s easy to forget the latest installment in a hit series or overlook a celebrity tell-all memoir. And it doesn’t take long for costs to skyrocket when you’re trying to keep your library shelves stocked with the biggest blockbuster titles. Most librarians rely on their own research, patron demand, and companies like Brodart to make sure they don’t miss a hot new book. Still, those titles can prompt lengthy reserve lists, creating anxious patrons.

There is no way to overstate the weight of the role these readers play in determining what’s hot and what’s not in your library’s reading collection. Sometimes it’s tough to give your readers what they want when they want it. And fading demand can leave shelves filled with books few people want to read anymore.

Leasing books with the option to buy them is one way to alleviate the stress that comes from trying to meet patrons’ desires with limited resources.

The McNaughton® subscription service lets you lease these books, then return them when circulation wanes. Should demand remain steady, you also have the option to buy these books outright. This keeps patrons happy, shortens reserve lists, and gives your readers even more reason to schedule another trip to the library in the near future.

If leasing isn’t an option for your library, a standing order plan will automatically send you must-have titles from top authors and series. These are yours to keep! Brodart’s FASTips provides you with consistently high-demand titles featuring popular authors, hit series, bestsellers, starred reviews, and more. Contact Us to start reaping the benefits of FASTips and McNaughton®.



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