Now You're Speaking My Language

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Now You’re Speaking My Language:
Common Spanish Collection Challenges

What does it take to push past the obstacles and present a standout Spanish collection worth celebrating?

A Common Point of Contention
According to Spanish Selection Expert Nerissa Moran, too much emphasis is often placed on country of origin. Nerissa emphasizes that many Latinos living in the United States enjoy reading bestselling authors from Mexico, Spain, and other Latin American countries.

Nerissa adds that Latino patrons’ reading preferences may not be as narrow as some think. “Yes, Mexicans may prefer to read novels that reflect their cultural experience. But Mexicans read all kinds of books, from many countries, including those in translation," Nerissa says.

Timing is Everything
Promptness is also crucial when selecting titles for your Spanish collection. Brodart Spanish Paraprofessional Jessica Blaker highlights the importance of streamlining the process for librarians. “(G)etting materials from distributors can take time, since they need to have books shipped first from the offshore publishers,” Jessica says.

Using Key Resources
The America Reads Spanish (ARS) website can help you make key decisions while managing your Spanish collection. Be sure to take full advantage of its resources. (



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