Listen Up! The Growing Demand for Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a boon in the age of multitasking.  What better way for busy readers to finally get to their “to-read” lists?  Traditionally, commuters have been the primary audience for audiobook listeners, but more people are coming to use them while doing other tasks such as fitness, cleaning, and crafting.  makes suggestions for audiobooks based on type of activity and even offers suggestions of audiobooks that will fit with the duration of a project you plan to work on.

The publishing industry for audiobooks has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, in part due to reader demand, but also due to production changes that have allowed audio publishers to produce better quality recordings more quickly.  Many titles are even being released simultaneously with the print edition.   Audiobook publishers are now able to produce titles for areas that rarely made it to audio, such as romance.  Harlequin has even begun its own audio imprint, Harlequin Audio, to capitalize on growing demand from its readers.

Audiobooks are ideal for promoting literacy in reluctant readers, especially in teens, who might not be willing to sit down and read, but with their earbuds in they can appear like any other music lover while secretly listening to the latest dystopian fiction. The Audio Publishers Association (APA) provides a literacy toolkit to help teachers integrate audiobooks with their lesson plans and for libraries to improve circulation of audiobooks.  Listening to audiobooks can increase vocabulary, pronunciation, and comprehension.

Listeners who are new to audiobooks may be hesitant to give them a try for fear they may miss out on the plot if they are distracted by other things.  Recommending suspense, young adult, and nonfiction will aid them as they become more active listeners.  With some practice, they’ll find it to be no trouble to keep track of the plot while working with their hands.  More experienced audiophiles will often look forward to listening to new titles by their favorite narrators such as Simon Vance, Barbara Rosenblat, George Guidall, or Katherine Kellgren, even when outside of their usual reading tastes.

Brodart’s Purchase Plus Audiobound Subscription Plan is designed to help you satisfy patron demand for this growing format and offer a collection of popular materials. 

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