McNaughton® Young Adult Lease

With a focus on fulfilling the needs of modern libraries, our McNaughton® service is designed to satisfy patron demands and offer a rotating collection of popular materials.

• Prepublication selection lists posted to your online account

• Standard cataloging and processing included

• Easy returns post-demand

• Free shipping

• 10% Lost/Stolen policy

• Six month replacement policy

• Ability to purchase inventory for your permanent collection

• Experienced team assigned to your personal account

Our lease plan presents valuable benefits catered specifically to the priorities of librarians. McNaughton® selections receive top priority, helping us to deliver bestsellers, on or before street date.

Each plan is designated with a specific number of allowances which are spent by ordering titles throughout the subscription year. The number of allowances required per book is based upon the publisher’s list price.

Unused allowances automatically roll over into the next subscription year, as long as you continue your McNaughton® Subscription Service.