Make What You Dream with STEAM

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Laura stands enraptured as she watches her light-powered three-wheeler zoom around her desk.

STEAM in the Library
Children like "Laura" excel when public libraries provide them with new opportunities to explore through flexible experiments that enhance their understanding of Science, Technology, English, Art, and Math (STEAM). STEAM-centric library activities encourage children's creative innovation, increase their engagement, and prepare them for future careers.

Imagination Stations
Makerspaces, which are collaborative areas set aside for experimentation, act as a natural extension of the STEAM initiative. These areas provide children with the tools and space to engage in creative problem-solving with their peers in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Makerspace Ideas
Three-wheelers like Laura's are just the beginning for aspiring young inventors. Starting your own makerspace could be as simple as asking younger children to create sock puppets for storytime. Electronic building blocks, like those found in the LittleBits Base Kit, help introduce kids to science with several design models. The LittleBits Synth Kit enables kids to make their own electronic musical instruments.

Dry wipe tables give students a chance to apply their creativity to a lesson on anything from Albert Einstein to the Revolutionary War.

Additional Resources