Flex Cataloging & Processing

A revolutionary approach to material-in-hand cataloging

As the first book vendor to offer customized cataloging and processing services, Brodart has developed a reputation
for service excellence in the library community. Brodart’s Flex service uses a “business rules engine”approach to
programmatically alter standard cataloging records to meet local practices and specifications.

Flex combines the benefits of material-in-hand cataloging and processing while maintaining the simplicity and
speed of an automated process. Flex streamlines library workflow from acquisitions to receiving:

Material-in-hand cataloging for every delivered title
Maximize the value of your local call numbers, collection codes and other acquisitions data
Automated customization of bibliographic records to address local practices
Classification tailored to fit within an existing collection
Programmatically configured item/ holdings data to meet ILS requirements
OCLC Holdings Update service
Cataloging records delivered via batch file for library staff to load
Physical processing to meet specifications
Fewer packages, packing lists, and invoices

Processing options include:

Jacketing and Label Protectors
Barcode Labels
Branch/Property Labels and Stamping
Spine Labels
Title/Pocket Labels
RFID and Theft Detection
Genre/Classification Labels
Pocket and Date Due Slips
Reinforcement Services

Personal support team:

Each customer is assigned a dedicated team of professionals to assist with profiling and day-to-day account management. Our experts ship books to your library quickly and efficiently, catering to your specific needs. Whether you need ongoing cataloging and processing services or are planning for a special project or opening day collection, Brodart’s experts can help.

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