Compleat Cataloging & Processing

A comprehensive and personalized material-in-hand cataloging solution

Brodart’s Compleat service provides each library with circulation-ready
customized MARC records and physical processing aligned with local practices and specifications.

Compleat Cataloging & Processing includes the following:

Material-in-hand cataloging for every delivered title
Customized bibliographic records in MARC format
Classification tailored to fit within your library’s existing collection
Customized item/holdings information
Physical processing to meet your library’s specification
Updates to records made in the library’s ILS or delivered in batch files
Option to update holdings in OCLC
Multiple resources for copy cataloging
State-of-the-art technology platform

Each customer is assigned a dedicated team of professionals to assist with profiling and day-to-day account management. This team includes the following:
Collection Development Librarian
Project Manager
Technology Support
Cataloging Services Librarian
Account Manager

Our professionals ship books to your library quickly and efficiently, catering to your specific needs. Whether you need
ongoing cataloging and processing services or are planning for a special project or opening day collection, Brodart’s
experts can help.

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