Happy New You

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New Year’s resolutions provide a fun new focus for children and adults ready to try something new in 2017. Year after year, some give up on their resolutions after giving them an honest effort and some are successful in their hopes of change. How can you help your patrons stay on track?

Many adults focus on healthy living and positive body image as they face the New Year with newfound determination. The library has so many tools at its disposal to help them fulfill these resolutions, offering support groups, healthy cookbooks, yoga classes, and nutritional expert speakers to help patrons feel good about shedding those pounds.

Other adult patrons look to self-help books to nurture their emotional, mental, and spiritual lives.

Library-hosted financial seminars and library classes can help patrons seeking relief approach their finances from a different direction.

Starting a new year might mean going for that promotion or even switching careers. Besides hosting career fairs, libraries can help people learn what to expect and how to step forward in confidence through special programs, literature, and speakers representing various career paths.

There is no shortage of programs libraries can develop to support all kinds of goals and resolutions for the New Year.

And hey, New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for adults! Many kids resolve to get better at doing their homework, master new skills, and help others. Teens tend to focus on being better friends, getting healthy, and overcoming school-related and family anxiety. Libraries can help by offering books and special group sessions to help kids and teens fulfill those resolutions by surrounding them with like-minded friends.